Easy? Junior? What’s best for me?

Grace in LA Jeans is known for their beautiful pocket designs and exceptional comfort. So you might ask, what makes Grace in LA Jeans so comfortable and easy to wear? The answer comes down to the fit and fabric. 

A unique feature of the majority of our jeans is the option of easy fit and junior fit. These two options allow you to choose the preference of rise and fit you like in your jeans.

Junior Fit

The Junior Fit denim is made to offer some stretch and breathability. Junior fit jeans sit right at the waist, to create a low-rise feel. If you want to show off your curvy hips, Junior Fit is a great option.


Easy Fit

The Easy Fit denim is made up of different fabric components and a different fit. Our fabric gives the jean extra stretch to fit every curve. This fit of our easy jeans is the most figure-friendly fit; they are comfortable for all body types. They create a mid-rise feel and are compatible with just about any top length.




So, which jean fit should you choose? Well, that all depends on personal preference. If you like your jeans to sit right at the waist definitely choose Junior Fit or if you like your jeans to sit a little higher and offer some extra stretch, Easy Fit is the way to go.

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I have 2 pair for myself. Great Fitting Jeans with Super Style.

SteveD December 10, 2019

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